Friday, November 25, 2016

URGENT BROADCAST - How America & Trump Stop Jill Stein's Fraudulent Recount

URGENT BROADCAST: MFA FDR "Scott Binsack" How America & Donald Trump stop Jill Steins fraudulent voter recount scam. Pennsylvania is the key!! #MFA #MFANews

The most common way to get a vote recount in Pennsylvania is through an order by the Secretary of State, which is mandatory by law in statewide races decided by less than half a percentage point. That can’t happen in this case.

There are two other ways to get a vote recount. Voters can initiate a recount by having three voters from a voting district in question petition the county and ask for a recount. Coordinating that statewide would be nearly impossible. The third way and the most likely in this case (if you can even call it “likely”) would be initiated by the candidate.

A candidate can’t actually file for a vote recount under Pennsylvania law. Instead, they would have to challenge a county board regarding its vote computations, and a state appeals judge would have to rule that a statewide recount is necessary. That means the Clinton campaign would either have to request a recount by petition in every voting district or present a prima facie case showing voter fraud. (Prima facie is a lower threshold than beyond a reasonable doubt. A judge would just have to rule that fraud probably occurred in order to call for a recount.)

Leading up to the election, it was Trump and his supporters who faced criticism for claiming this could happen in Pennsylvania. The president-elect, just weeks before the election, told a crowd in Altoona that the “only way” he could lose Pennsylvania is if “cheating” went on. Voter fraud is generally uncommon, and voting irregularities that do occur are often the result of clerical errors that wouldn’t add up to amount to 70,000 votes.

The Clinton campaign would have to present the equivalent of probable cause evidence showing something much more sinister.

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