Sunday, March 6, 2016

#Awwshit!! Filmed in 8MM!! IT'S DATE NIGHT WITH PETER???

"Scott Binsack" Master Wayne AKA Bat Man goes all out as his crazy self in the car with his invisible butler #ALFRED!! That's not your house!!! Yes Peter Kalaydjian I know, I know!! Lol Hello to my friends  in India they are making me a star!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

"Ventura County Saga" ~~ Love, Lies, Deception, & Conspiracy

CEO "Scott Binsack" Tells All In This Exclusive Live Streaming Sunday Night With Scott Binsack Event - "The Ventura County Saga"


Sun, Feb 28 2016 9:00 PM PST — Sun, Feb 28 2016 10:30 PM PST


The Ventura County Saga is a sordid series of events that includes love, lies, conspiracy, corruption and betrayal.
Host "Scott Binsack" shares the shocking details of his 17 month long affair with a married California Realtor Tammy Calhoun. What would ensue is a twisted series of lies and manipulation, ending in a dramatic breakup that occurred shortly after her husband was informed of the relationship.

But the lies and deception don't end there. Scott had met Peter Kalaydjian and Kristina Kalaydjian, owners of a Ventura County escrow firm, Contact Escrow, and offered to build a free website for their upcoming fundraiser, Cocktails in Havana (with the proceeds benefitting Habitat for Humanity.) But once the website was constructed, Peter Kalaydjian demanded the removal of Scott's company logo from the website's list of contributors (despite the fact that the company had donated the website --- worth several thousand dollars --- to the fundraiser event.) Keller Williams Realtor Nancy Amorteguy even went so far as to threaten Scott in an attempt to get him to remove not only his logo but the entire website. 

Scott stood his ground and it was around this time that Scott's firm was hired by a top Ventura County escrow officer, Dawn Morgan, who worked for the Kalaydjians' company, Contact Escrow. Morgan had sought out the firm's assistance with the construction of a website and brand identity. 

But Peter Kalaydjian was upset by this development and threatened Morgan, indicating that she would be terminated if she continued to associate with Binsack (on her own personal time.) True to his word, Peter Kalaydjian wrongfully terminated Dawn Morgan two days after the Cocktails in Havana fundraiser and even made false claims that resulted in Dawn being denied unemployment benefits (which were ultimately awarded to Dawn Morgan following an appeals hearing._ She is now filing a civil claim for wrongful termination against the Kalaydjians.

Dawn and Scott went public with the story and are now working to expose Contact Escrow's corruption and their unethical and wrongful treatment of employees and other wrongdoings, which included removing escrow files from Dawn Morgan's possession just days before closing so those cases could be re-assigned to a family member (who would then receive the commission from the transaction.) Multiple former employees of Contact Escrow have come forward to share similar stories of wrong-doing.

This series of events has evolved into a massive feud, which has included criminal allegations. Peter Kalaydjian and others allegedly assaulted Scott and his security team at the Cocktails in Havana Fundraiser. This fueled tensions and it's believed that Tammy Calhoun and the Kalaydjians joined forces to sabotage Scott and Dawn.

Most recently, Calhoun, Peter Kalaydjian and other conspirators were caught on surveillance camera at Brendan's Irish Pub & Restaurant, conspiring in an apparent set-up. The tapes also captured an assault on Binsack and his security --- alleged actions which have subsequently led to criminal charges. The tapes were provided exclusively to Binsack and will soon be published in their entirety on

But the sordid series of events doesn't end there. Just as the events were beginning to unfold, Binsack was warned that Calhoun and perhaps even other conspirators such as the Kalaydjians would leverage connections within the Ventura County Sheriff's Department. Sure enough, Scott and Dawn were visited by a deputy who made veiled threats, warning Binsack to stay off the internet. And it doesn't end there. 

More recently, Dawn was detained in her vehicle and told by the Ventura County Sheriff's Deputy (whom had been involved in a previous Ventura County Saga-related dealing) that she had $8,000 in traffic tickets and a warrant for her arrest. Yet she was not arrested; she was ordered to leave her vehicle and walk home. A nationwide NCIC search revealed no traffic tickets and no arrest warrants for Dawn Morgan.

This case is still rapidly evolving and a website has been established to showcase all of the evidence in this case, including emails, videos, Facebook messages, phone texts and more. 

This is one story that you absolutely cannot miss! Get all of the details on and follow the Saga on Facebook for the latest shocking details. You're going to be shocked.

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