One Man's Journey To Finding Himself

Born in 1960s Long Island, "Scott Binsack" was born into an average, typical middle-class
family, but his life would prove to be anything but typical. Subjected to painfully cruel
abuse from a very young age, Scott found himself struggling to survive.
Life was tumultuous not only at home but at school too. He attended nine schools in just
as many years, ultimately dropping out before completing the 8th grade. He went on to
endure childhood homelessness, grappling to find a place in the world while struggling
to work through the flood of emotions that arose from his difficult childhood.
Scott ultimately found his place in the world as an entrepreneur and visionary, launching
his first company at the young age of 18, earning his first million by age 24 and losing it
all by age 30. Scott went on to endure a highly-publicized and rather spectacular fall from
grace, suffering severe consequences that threatened to destroy everything --- including
his spirit. Life was complicated further by a 1999 accident that brought Scott to the brink
of death. But as he'd done many times before, Scott refused to accept defeat, once
again rising to not only survive but thrive, crawling back from the ashes and rising to
become better, stronger and wiser...all the while, Staying Real.

Staying Real is a story of triumph over adversity while maintaining a sense of hope and
authenticity that's extremely rare in today's world. Scott Binsack's childhood was one
filled with fear, trauma, instability and profoundly shocking abuse. But this 8th-grade
drop-out would not be deterred by homelessness, loss or solitude. Staying Real
chronicles his story, as he fell from grace, crawled out of the ashes and ultimately
ascended above life's challenges to prosper and thrive, finding himself and gaining
valuable insight along the way.

"Scott Binsack" is a serial entrepreneur, CEO, visionary, investor, motivational speaker,
consultant, social media guru, and author. Among today's most influential social media
personalities, Scott works to inspire and motivate others. He established his first
business at age 18 and has remained a very active entrepreneur over the years,
ultimately building a multi-million dollar company, Mansions and Estates International,
Inc. After more than a quarter-century in the business, he now serves primarily as a
consultant. When he's not building and restoring homes, he's building confidence and
restoring lives with his inspiring and motivational talks. Scott also hosts the popular blog
show, Sunday Night With "Scott Binsack" Staying Real is Scott's first book. Visit:

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