Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sunday Night With "Scott Binsack" Presents: Reclaiming Life ~~ "Finding Our Own Personal Freedom"

“The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.”  - Thucydides

Over the ages, mankind rose up above other species, developing a unique sense of self. Today, we strive to achieve a sense of personal freedom; freedom that encompasses the spiritual, social and financial realm. Our purpose is to pursue a higher purpose.

But relatively few people actually achieve a real and true sense of personal freedom. Too often, we're shackled by self-oppression. These self-imposed restraints are rooted in doubt and fear. We are consumed by the societal norms and the expectations of those around us. And in this position, we find that we're compelled to put aside our desires, our dreams, our true destiny and our freedoms. It's all hastily shoved aside in favor of a different life; a life where your personal identity is shaped and dictated by others.

You bury the real, authentic you. You deny this true self in favor of becoming the person that others expect you to be. It's something that's engrained within us from a very young age. As children, we're taught to suppress our authentic selves. We're told to speak in a certain way, behave in a certain way, think in a certain way and live in a certain way. Slowly but surely, we lose our authenticity. That incredible realness that makes young children so profoundly refreshing and so truly joyful fades away. We give up our personal freedom and we reject the authenticity that we once had in childhood. We become the socially-acceptable version of ourselves.

But that's just the beginning.

You'll go on to study hard in order to get the degree that society says you need to have in order to have the career that you need to work at in order to get the house and the car and the bank account balance that society says you need to have in order to find happiness. You'll finally get all those things --- the things society says you should have --- and you'll realize that they didn't bring happiness. You'll 'have everything,' yet none of it will matter because you didn't do it for you. You did what you were told. You gave up your freedom to live the life that society said you ought to live. Personal freedom wasn't the only thing you sacrificed. You sacrificed true happiness too.
True happiness requires personal freedom. You must free yourself from the grips of society and society's expectations. Real, personal freedom is the biggest motivator you'll ever discover. You'll be free to be yourself. You'll be free to pursue your passions. You'll even discover financial freedom. You'll live for yourself, not for others.

Finding the courage to be yourself is the challenge. But it's a mission that can be fulfilled. Once you achieve this, your world will be forever changed. You will achieve true personal freedom; the freedom to be yourself and the freedom to live life to the fullest.

In tonight's show, "Scott Binsack" issues a challenge to his viewers.  Scott challenges you to overcome the doubt, the fear and the hesitation. He challenges you to make this --- today --- your personal independence day, as you seize and embrace your true, authentic self; the person you really are. He challenges you to re-take your life and own the real you --- not the 'you' whom others wish you to be.

For when you do this, when you declare your own, personal independence day, you will find that you're instantaneously released from the bonds that stand in the way of true self-realization and real, complete happiness. You will have reclaimed your personal freedom.

Join "Scott Binsack" in this incredible show. It's one that's certain to lift you up, transforming a vague motivation into a pointed sense of purpose as you discover and embrace the real person who dwells within you.

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