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"Scott Binsack" Good Morning ~~~ Those are Not My Handcuffs!! Yes They Are!!

POWWW!!! THE PLOT THICKENS!! Those Handcuffs Are Not Yours!!! Yes They Are!! 
‪#‎Awwshit‬!! Scott Binsack is going live with a special early morning edition of
 Cocktails and Conversation!! 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"Scott Binsack" Live Facebook Videos ~~~ VETURA COUNTY SAGA

The Beginning ~~ "THAT'S NOT YOUR CAR"

"Scott Binsack" Live From Brendon's Pub ~~ Peter Kalaydjian Goes Crazy!!  

PART 1 OF 2 Live From New Office Ventura County Saga ~~ THAT'S NOT YOUR CAR

PART 2 OF 2 Live From New Office Ventura County Saga ~~ THAT'S NOT YOUR CAR

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Wrongful Termination ~~ "The Dawn Morgan Story" Live Interview With "Scott Binsack" on Sunday Night With Scott Binsack

When Ventura County Escrow Officer Dawn Morgan went to work for Contact Escrow in November 2012, she was excited, looking forward to the new beginning and this new professional opportunity.

At first, Dawn enjoyed her new position. But soon, the niceties wore off and her employers’ true colors began to shine through. What would ensue is a dramatic series of events that would ultimately lead to Dawn’s wrongful termination.

In this special pre-season episode of Sunday Night With Scott Binsack, Dawn Morgan sets the record straight as she recounts her horrific experience, which included not only wrongful termination, but also personal insults and even defamatory statements which were made publicly by her now-former employers.

Shortly after joining Contact Escrow, Dawn’s workplace experience began to sour. She found herself working in a contentious environment that was run by an aggressive husband and wife team who would verbally defame others on a regular basis.

But it didn’t end there. Dawn was intentionally overloaded with work, belittled by her boss and it was not uncommon for Dawn to returning home at the end of the day in tears.

Despite this mistreatment at the hands of Kristina Kalaydjian and her husband, Peter Kalaydjian, of Contact Escrow, Dawn maintained a professional attitude and tried to let the insults and professional slights roll off her back. She would even go out of her way to promote the business.

“I always went out and promoted our company. I was very proud of our company and the fact that I worked there…And any chance to make us shine, I would try to do that,” Dawn explained.

A hard worker, Dawn was committed to her clients, even providing them with her mobile phone number and offering assistance outside of traditional office hours.

For two and a half years, Dawn worked hard and did her best to stay on her employers’ good side.

But then, a chance meeting with Sunday Night With "Scott Binsack" host marked the start of a series of events that would ultimately lead to her wrongful termination and a hurtful public smear campaign against the escrow officer.

It all started when Dawn met “Scott Binsack”, the founder of The Rain Maker, a marketing and web development firm which was handling the development of a website for Contact Escrow’s event, Cocktails in Havana.

“Even before things soured, Peter had been defaming Dawn. When I first met her, he took me aside to caution me, saying that she was a ‘drunk’ and a ‘whore.’ I couldn’t believe that this was how he was speaking about his employee!” Scott explained.

Shortly after this meeting, Peter Kalaydjian and Scott Binsack had a falling out due to a disagreement over the site. Meanwhile, Dawn had sought out Scott’s services to build her new website and provide her with career mentoring. Ultimately, the pair formed a friendship, but shortly thereafter, Peter made it very clear that he didn’t approve. He then went as far as to threaten Dawn, suggesting that her job would be in danger if she did not sever ties with Scott (despite the fact that all dealings occurred during her personal time.)

The situation came to a head on the evening of August 21, 2015, at the annual fundraiser, Cocktails in Havana. It was there that Peter Kalaydjian — in front of multiple witnesses — admitted that he was planning to fire Dawn due to her association with Scott.

The following Monday, August 24, Dawn was wrongfully terminated. But the insults didn’t end there. Peter has reportedly continued to smear Dawn’s reputation by making inappropriate and inaccurate remarks to clients — even going so far as to imply that she was mentally ill. Additionally, he made inaccurate statements in official documents which led to Dawn being denied unemployment benefits.

But the story doesn’t end there. Check out this special pre-season edition of Sunday Night With Scott Binsack for all the details!

Notably, Dawn Morgan will soon be opening her own escrow firm, Escrow of Ventura County. To learn more about Dawn, visit her website at Dawn Morgan Escrow