Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gettin er Done at Home How To Library: How To Cut / Patch / Pour / Resurface Concrete "5 Part Series"


Time to get ready to repair your old damaged sidewalks, walkways and patios.

In this 5 part How To series master builder "Scott Binsack" shows you how to cut, patch, pour and re-surface concrete while installing a new rain gutter run off pipe line under an old broken and cracked city side walk in Central Pennsylvania. Showing you detailed tips and techniques to save you time and money in lieu of having to spend significant funds on pouring entirely new concrete. Where here using the proper materials you can make any old sidewalk, porch or patio look brand new. Scott even shows you in the 45 minute special final episode of the series  how to grind concrete and cut isolation joints after the concrete has been resurfaced. Ensuring that you finished product remains looking new for years to come. Follow this link to watch the series in its entirety:

Gettin er Done at Home How To Library: How To Cut / Patch / Pour / Resurface Concrete "5 Part Series":

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"Scott Binsack"

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Where Blame and Guilt Have Been Left Untended, Regret Grows "Looking Back"

Sunday Night With 'Scott Binsack"

Telling It Like It Is On Life, Love and Relationships .... Sharing A Piece Of His Life Along The Way

 Here is Scott's new Sunday night internet talk show. Here is tonight's  show.
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 Where Blame and Guilt Have Been Left Untended, Regret Grows "Looking Back"

The fact is that we all make hundreds of important decisions every day, to waste time dwelling about a single one is simply crazy. Certainly, the one decision you dwell over seems more important than any other but that’s just the way your life and mind have chosen to frame it, that decision is no more important than your decision to study a particular career, or move to that city or leave that job or end that relationship. Time spent considering ‘what if’ is time wasted, better it were spent on ‘what now?’ or ‘where next?. If you truly can not defeat your guilt you will wallow in it, leading to regret.
Regret is cancer, the unrighteous manifestation of masochism. Where blame and guilt have been left untended, regret grows. Regret is the least positive and least constructive force in the world. Regret alters the way you think, feel and interact. Regret can become your master when you should be its’. Regret is literally your past consuming your past and potentially your future, I can imagine nothing scarier than the little time I am given being eroded by a past mistake or mistakes.
If you truly feel regret, address it, remember that is was born of guilt or blame and eradicate them from your life. If you truly value your future, you have to daily face your regrets rather than letting them slowly corrode you until you no longer have the strength to fight them.

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