Sunday, July 20, 2014

Love Lies ~~ "How We look For Love In All The Wrong Places"

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Love Lies ~~ “How We look For Love In All The Wrong Places”

“Lovers don’t finally somewhere, they are in each other all along” - Rumi

On this week’s intimate & provocative show, “Scott Binsack” explores with you how we look for love, and our challenges us to be honest with ourselves regarding our tendency to settle for less and lie to ourselves for fear of being alone.

Do you feel that you are the one who did not do the right thing to make it last? You find yourself doing things that are against your values, because if you do not, you are afraid that the person will each time your relationship breaks up?

These are all signs of the love lies we tell ourselves in order to not be alone. Looking to find the love of your life out of loneliness can lead you do things that you both feel that are compatible with each other but are not really truths. Inside one knows that it isn’t a perfect fit, and yet are surprised to realize after the courtship that lasted weeks or month, that the relationship is not going to last. Getting into a relationship hoping that the person will be the right one is settling for something because you are alone.

Join Scott as he shares his journey from his first true love, to his marriage for the wrong reasons and subsequent divorce, to coming to the realization that “finding” and “looking” for love is really not the true path, and when you stop “looking” outside of yourself, when you stop settling for “good enough”, love will find you. A powerful show not to be missed.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Long Road Home ~~ "Surviving Child Abuse As An Adult"

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” - Rumi

In this Sunday's compelling show "Scott Binsack" reveals his most intimate survival skills. Growing up within a severely dysfunctional home and enduring horrific abuse at the hands of others, Scott could have easily drown in the depths of pain and humiliation that accompany such atrocities. Not only did he find his way to "find the light within the wounds" and survive, but also to thrive against the odds, becoming whole and extremely successful along the way.

When we have been abused or neglected as children it can leave us feeling wounded, deprived, and wronged by those we love and trusted. The hurt can be especially deep if those who caused pain were our own family members. If these hurts are not resolved, they continue to affect us and our subsequent relationships.

Memories of these events are painful, so we tend to avoid thinking about them too deeply. Or if we do think about them, we focus on certain parts at the expense of others, precluding a complete picture of the events. Thus we have an incomplete and child-like view of the harms experienced, and any mental “solution” to the problem is likewise incomplete and without the benefit of being properly vetted by our mature higher mind. The child mind wants to rewrite the story and change the ending, however, doing so at this late stage will not change the past nor will it remove the pain experienced nor will it fix the psychological and spiritual damage.

Childhood pain can last a lifetime if not confronted. Confronting the totality of our painful experiences is the only way to gain mastery over the past. It allows us to objectively revisit what happened so that we can reassess it from a more mature and objective vantage point. It allows us to gain a more complete picture of the events and come to more appropriate conclusions about the cause and meaning of what happened. This understanding allows us move past the futile urge to reenact these experiences and allows us to recreate an internal understanding of who we really are in a more functional and accurate way.

Join "Scott Binsack" as he shares with you how to face these inner demons, how to forgive, and how he rose from the ashes of a childhood lost to recreate himself, becoming whole and healed. Finally finding himself!

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

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The Power Of Purpose ~~ "Creating A Life Worth Living"

The Power Of Purpose ~~ "Creating A Life Worth Living"

"Nothing, not all the armies of the world, can stop an idea whose time has come"- Victor Hugo

On this week's powerful show, "Scott Binsack"shares with you how he has taken traumatic hardships head on, using intense focus & sheer determination to identify his purpose life and to overcome great adversity.

Do you have purpose in your life?

There has to be motivation and drive when we want to achieve anything in life. Without it, we get caught up in the lifeless, humdrum world that unfortunately too many people experience day after day, month after month and year after year. We were never meant to live our lives like machines, but for the majority of people that is exactly how they choose to live. They don't want to think for themselves and would rather  have somebody else tell them what to do. We have a brain, but how many really use it?

The power of purpose is indeed a great power and each and every human being has the choice to use it. We should all have a purpose to aim for, it is what brings excitement into our lives, looking forward to a new day, sharing new experiences and helping us to become the best that we can possibly be. A mundane life is no life, hoping and dreaming that something good will happen. It ain't gonna happen!

You have to make it happen through the resolve of your own desire and the natural power of purpose. Look at how the world has moved even in the last thirty years. An idea has been planted by people
that typify their own natural power of purpose, they wanted to make a difference and didn't stop until they did. Look at the mobile phone, the home computer and the technology that is moving faster each and every day. These are just a few examples of what the power of purpose can achieve.

Now we can't expect everyone to be a Bill Gates, Michael Dell or a Charles Dunston, but surely it is better to live your life with the natural power of purpose and to achieve feats that are maybe a little less conspicuous or you may want to change the world. It is a waste of life not to be driven on a daily basis with the desire to become more and live your life with the natural power of purpose.

Join "Scott Binsack" as he challenges you to find purpose in your life. Using his hard hitting tell it like it is style, Scott shows you how to harness your energies into creating a purposeful, meaningful, &  successful life.

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