Thursday, March 12, 2015

"Scott Binsack" & The Rain Maker Mentorship Program Present: "The Agent Maker Program" for Realtors

Are you a realtor looking for a significant increase in production? 

Looking to regain that flow of sales?
If so it’s time to get “Back To The Basics”. Our hard hitting 3 month program was developed and is taught by one of the best in the business and exclusive to Rain Maker.  Hear why our Rain Maker members / realtors are raving about "Back To Basics".
Contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation and to reserve your spot:  570.259.4315
The Agent Maker Program begins April 1, 2015.
The Rain Maker Mentorship Program
Does an exceptional, extraordinary person dwell within you, just waiting to emerge and reach his full potential?

Are you ready to transform, improve and revitalize your life on a personal and professional level?

It's time to discover your full potential. Stop sitting on the sidelines and start truly living.

The ‪#‎RainMaker‬ can help.

CEO, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, social media personality, investor, professional mentor and soon-to-be author "Scott Binsack" presents The Rain Maker, a unique, one-on-one mentor program that provides the insight you need to succeed and exceed expectations of excellence at every pass, both on a personal and a professional level.

Scott gives you the helping hand you need to make those dreams a reality. He offers his unique and powerful insights in a one-on-one setting, delivered in his trademark hard-hitting, no-nonsense style. It's everything you need to rise to the top.

But The Rain Maker isn't a program for just anyone.

It's a program for unique, dynamic and determined individuals; individuals who refuse to settle for mediocrity or status quo.

It's for individuals who demand excellence in every aspect of life, both personally and professionally.
It's a program for incredible, gifted individuals who need wisdom and guidance as they walk through the labyrinth of life.

This is more than a professional development program. This is a trans-formative, one-of-a-kind opportunity that has the power to change your life in a very profound manner.

Renowned for his candid, telling-it-like-it-is approach, Scott Binsack serves as a dynamic professional consultant and mentor, providing comprehensive one-on-one attention as he guides his clients down the path to true all-encompassing success.

From personal development and finance, to networking, re-invention, search engine optimization, social media, marketing, investing and so much more, Scott will work with you as you strive to reach your full potential in every area of your life. It's the ultimate program for those who strive to transform and improve. It's a program for people who are ready to stop dreaming and start living!

If you're an extraordinary person who refuses to settle for an ordinary existence, The Rain Maker program is for you.

"Scott Binsack" has long dominated his professional field as a top developer and builder.

Today, he's developing and building lives.

It's time to take action and transform your life! Enjoy personalized, one-on-one attention as you strive to re-invent your image, realize your full potential in the professional realm, revitalize your online presence and rediscover your life.

Discover what The Rain Maker can do for you. Find out what it means to go from merely surviving to absolutely thriving with this unique one-on-one coaching and mentorship opportunity for simply exceptional individuals and companies.

It's The Rain Maker, presented by "Scott J. Binsack".

Please note that space in this program is limited. To ensure that each client receives the attention they need to succeed, enrollment is limited to 50 clients at any given time, so register today!


Special Realtor and Investor Programs Available.

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