Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Offical Website Launch of The Rain Maker

After much anticipation, "Scott Binsack" and the Rain Maker Team are proud to announce the launch of The Rain Maker Mentoring Program’s official website at www.ScottBinsackRainMaker.com..

It’s still a work in progress, but our talented web development team has completed approximately 85% of the site and you’ll find information on our personal mentoring program, our corporate mentoring program and our many service offerings. We’re still working out a few bugs a...nd glitches so please hang in there and be patient.

You can check out The Rain Maker blog for daily updates, with personal development tips, goal setting techniques, advice for budding entrepreneurs and so much more.

We also invite our members to register to gain access to our exclusive and ever-growing members section, which includes a private forum, members-only blog and more. So if you’re already a member of the Personal Mentoring program, we encourage you to register for site access today!

If you’re considering The Rain Maker Mentoring Program, you can now complete an eligibility assessment form. A member of The Rain Maker team will review your information to determine if you’re eligible to join this one-of-a-kind program.

So find out what all the buzz is about and check out the new website for the much-anticipated unveiling of The Rain Maker Mentoring Program’s official website at www.ScottBinsackRainMaker.com. And don’t forget to spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and beyond!

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